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Design Services

From logo design and brand development, to web design, product package design, illustrations, and marketing design. Our professional team of designers work closely with you, to develop solid marketing strategies and creative designs that communicate your...

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Interactive Magazines and Newsletters

Not only do the graphic designers at Kaleidoscopic create custom-designed pdf newsletters and brochures for electronic and print formats, but we also bring them to life by converting them to interactive web-based page-flipping books! Each month...

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Business SEO Websites That Perform

Many web designers do not take into account how important these elements are to your website's SEO performance, as they only focus on the aesthetics. Many SEO company's claim they can help your site get found...

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Building Business and New Leads

So your website is performing well in online search results, but you're not getting any business leads. Recently someone who owns a small business and with a limited budget, asked me why they were not getting...

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My formula finding a job I would love!

A question I asked myself many years ago... what career path should I choose. I had no idea where to begin, what direction to go in, but I knew what I enjoyed in life and what...

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Restaurant Web Redesign

We developed a restaurant website for Crosstown Diner many years ago. Crosstown Diner is a family owned restaurant located in Bronx NY, with a friendly neighborhood environment and huge menu of delicious fresh foods. The first...

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Kaleidoscopic is an award winning agency of creative graphic designers in Charlotte, NC. What We Do: Creative graphic design for web, print and email. Website development, web-based business solutions, illustrations, email marketing and much more. Browse...

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Website Design

Websites designed to target your markets Marketing is easy with our great looking, intelligent websites that communicate your message, with the power to manage content and track the results. A beautiful website is not enough to...

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