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Kaleidoscopic is a Charlotte Commercial Illustrator offering illustrations for business logos, branding, marketing, website art, product design and packaging. Specializing in digital vector based illustrations.

Creative, artistic illustrations can capture the eye of your audience and visually communicate your message at a glance. Illustrations can help visually define your business from your competitors and give your business a competitive edge through brand, art and character recognition.

There are many uses for illustrations, below are just a few.

  • Illustrations can personalize your brand and/or logo.
  • Product design illustrations can help you visually communicate what your new product will look like to investors.
  • An illustration can entertain the reader and retain the reader's attention of an otherwise lengthy article.
  • Illustrations can bring your business website and marketing materials to life, so they stand out from the same old ho-hum.
  • Using illustrations in your business marketing materials can help your readers understand your message.
  • Illustrations can simplify product instructions with illustrated visual cues to guide them along the way.
  • Illustrations can represent a product or service your business offers that may be hard or impossible to photograph.
  • Kids and teens enjoy illustrations and art. Pick up any book or paperback and you'll most likely find an illustration on the cover and inside the pages.

Here's one example of how an illustration can help you reach your audience through email marketing.

We've all received an email marketing message at sometime or another and it's very likely you're receiving many email marketing messages any given day. They all start to look the same after awhile and most have such much text that you'd never get any work done if you read every message. This most likely holds true for your targeted audience as well. An illustration used in an email marketing campaign can simplify and reduce your overall message, make your email message stand out from the competition, capture your reader's eye, entice them to read your email message and visit your website to learn more about your products and services.

Please visit our illustration portfolio to see a few examples of various illustrations we have designed for other businesses and how illustrations where used to communicate a visual message.

Interested in learning how illustrations can help your business visually convey your message, stand out from the competition and target your audience? Contact us at 704-545-5336 to learn more.


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