Do you need a new website? We can help.

Would you like to be able to manage your own website content, create new content and pages without the need to contact us for every change and edit?

We've got the perfect solution... PageCraftCMS.

We'll design and develop your website powered by PageCraftCMS and upon completion of the site development, we'll hand over the reins. With the power of PageCraftCMS you'll have control over all your content.

During the initial design process, we'll configure your site to provide maximum functionality and give you the most control over the features you need. One of the great advantages of PageCraftCMS over other CMS solutions is that you are not limited to a template driven CMS site... we can build your website exactly as you wish and need it to appear and function.

The PageCraftCMS WYSIWYG editor is intuitive and easy to use. The editing tools are similar to web-based email applications, so if you are familiar with Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail, using PageCraftCMS will come naturally. It allows users to enter text and upload images and other files for websites without the need for design skills or web editing software. Styles can be applied to text and images with the click of a mouse and images can be automatically resized and frames applied simply by choosing from preset options.

Preset text styles allow users to format text easily and consistently. Paragraph, headline and body styles make it simple to produce professional looking websites, with minimal time and effort. PageCraftCMS gives a preview of the actual font styles, taking the guess work out of what the fonts will look like when viewed on the actual website.

Uploading images is easy with PageCraftCMS. We can give you 100% control over image size, or manage your image sizes with predefined sizes that you choose when adding them to your pages. Preset image sizes ensure a consistent and professional look throughout all your website pages.

Page Layout
PageCraftCMS automatically populates areas of your web pages that have been designated to contain specific types of information. When content is added, the layout of the page is adjusted instantly, with no design or web skills required on your part. For example, new stories, photos, and downloads appear in specific sections of your web pages automatically, just as soon as they are entered or uploaded using the PageCraftCMS WYSIWYG editor. If a story or photo is removed, the layout of the page will adjust accordingly, eliminating any conspicuous open spaces.

A Powerful Information Management Tool

PageCraftCMS has many uses and applications including: managing site content, news releases, updating product listings, blog posts, uploading document files you need to share and much more.

Keeping your information timely and relevant is important and PageCraftCMS makes this task easy. Content is instantly published as soon as changes are saved. Content can be displayed or hidden by simply checking a box. News articles can be set to be automatically displayed and removed on specific future dates, therefore eliminating the need to constantly monitor your site for old, dated information.

Dynamic content is key to an interesting and informative website. PageCraftCMS gives users the ability to display news stories by date, automatically placing most the recent additions at the top of a page. This allows readers to view fresh new stories first and keep the web page content from appearing stagnant or dated. The layout is automatically adjusted to accommodate the addition (or removal) of stories and accompanying images, ensuring a professional and consistent look. Images can also be placed on web pages in the same manner--show off your most recent photos on your web pages and automatically remove the older ones.

Some news stories or information may be a good fit for more than just one specific web page. No problem. With PageCraftCMS, just add a story once, and it can be displayed on any number of pages that you have specified. This feature saves time and eliminates the need to edit multiple pages. Any changes made to a story will automatically seen everywhere that story appears.

We offer a variety of add-on modules for PageCraftCMS that can take your site above and beyond what you would expect from a typical website.

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