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Design Services

From logo design and brand development, to web design, product package design, illustrations, and marketing design. Our professional team of designers work closely with you, to develop solid marketing strategies and creative designs that communicate your...

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Illustrations Portfolio

Commercial illustrations for business logos, branding, marketing, website art, product illustrations and packaging....

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My formula finding a job I would love!

A question I asked myself many years ago... what career path should I choose. I had no idea where to begin, what direction to go in, but I knew what I enjoyed in life and what...

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Graphic Design

Marketing pieces need graphic design to capture the eye of your audience so they read your message and learn about your company's unique brand and values. We listen to your needs, work to understand your goals...

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Kaleidoscopic is a Charlotte Commercial Illustrator offering illustrations for business logos, branding, marketing, website art, product design and packaging. Specializing in digital vector based illustrations. Creative, artistic illustrations can capture the eye of your audience and...

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Tobacco Farmer

We were tasked with improving upon an existing logo that showed people in a field picking tobacco. The people in the original illustration were basically silhouettes and lacked any kind of detail, and it was hard...

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