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Business SEO Websites That Perform

Many web designers do not take into account how important these elements are to your website's SEO performance, as they only focus on the aesthetics. Many SEO company's claim they can help your site get found...

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Building Business and New Leads

So your website is performing well in online search results, but you're not getting any business leads. Recently someone who owns a small business and with a limited budget, asked me why they were not getting...

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So, I can sell you anything

Someone mentioned to me a few months ago that they "never go past the first page of Google search results when looking for something." I replied, "So I can sell you anything!" I got a strange...

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Copywriting & Editorial

The copy on your website, printed materials and email marketing campaigns is your big chance to communicate your message, win over your targeted audience and tell them that they've made the right choice with your business....

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Michael Habenicht

Founded Kaleidoscopic on 2/1/1997Incorporated: 12/17/2004, Privately HeldHeadquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Experience: CEO, Kaleidoscopic, Inc.,Charlotte, NC 1997 to presentLead designer, art and creative director, illustrator, artist and web code developer. Providing graphic design services for businesses,...

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Search Engine Marketing

clients have ask us if search engine marketing actually works or is it a waste of money. My reply... it depends. It depends on the quality of the message on your website. Simply put, if your...

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