Mini-Mac Storage Center

Mini-Mac Storage Center

We were awarded the website design and development project for Mini-Mac Storage Center. But before we got into the design process of the website, we felt a new logo was needed and jumped right into the concept process.

Our team gathered for a creative brainstorming session to discuss the logo and the services and products offered by Mini Mac, and how to communicate this with a logo. Ideas were bounced back and forth, sketches were drawn and there was a common theme among most... cubes.

With cubes in mind, we began rendering 3D cubes and positioned them to form a "M" for Mini-Mac Storage Center. We gave once cube an opening and placed a smaller cube to represent a box being inserted into the cube... or the "M," or another way to concept it...the box goes into Mini-Mac Storage Center.

A simple logo, but it carries the message of Mini-Mac Storage Center well.


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