Kaleidoscopic is a Charlotte Commercial Illustrator offering illustrations for business logos, branding, marketing, website art, product design and packaging.

Creative, artistic illustrations can capture the eye of your audience, visually communicate your message at a glance, and define your business from your competitors with branding, art and character recognition.

Please visit our illustration portfolio to see a few examples of various illustrations we have designed for other businesses and how illustrations where used to communicate a visual message.

What's New

  • Professional Design of Business Marketing Materials

    It may be tempting to go it alone and design your own marketing materials to save money until your business is well established, but by doing this, your company is at a disadvantage compared to the

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  • Professional Brochure Design

    A brochure can be compared to an elevator pitch with graphics, and the professional designers at Kaleidoscopic will help you make your pitch with good marketing design that highlights your company’s strengths and conveys your message.

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