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Michael Habenicht

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Michael Habenicht
Mint Hill, NC  28227
Phone: 704-545-5336
Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Platinum Winner in Employee Communications

Worldwide Special Achievement Award in the Most Engaging Communication

Placed 7th in the Top 50 Ranking for the Magellan Awards Worldwide Competition

Bronze Winner for Excellence in Communications

IABC Charlotte:
Silver Crown Award in Business Communications

Military Service in the US Navy:
USS Missouri BB63, 1984 to 1989
Rank: BM 2nd Class Petty Officer.

  • Letter of Commendation for Outstanding Performance during deployment in the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf.
  • Letter of Commendation for Outstanding Performance during RIMPAC 88, CNO Special Project 0779 and CNO Special Project K-310-5 (PAC).
  • Chief of Naval Operations Merit Award for winning naval-wide art contest.

Michael Habenicht / CEO

Founded Kaleidoscopic on 2/1/1997
Incorporated: 12/17/2004, Privately Held
Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


CEO, Kaleidoscopic, Inc.,
Charlotte, NC 1997 to present
Lead designer, art and creative director, illustrator, artist and web code developer. Providing graphic design services for businesses, corporations and municipalities across North American. Services include; creative design and concept development, art and digital illustrations, design and production for print, web, media and email, web site development and web based solutions, high-res digital imaging.

Freelance Designer and Illustrator, Charlotte, NC 1995 - 1996
Provided design concepts, design production and illustrations to various local Charlotte advertising agencies and graphic designers.


I was asked what made me decide to get into graphic design.
My Answer: I love art and all things creative... whether it's a sketch, a painting, vector art, photography or literature. I'm also a color junkie and will stop for every beautiful sunset, rainbow, changing of the leaves, or a little blue tailed lizard hanging out on my front porch. I really dig figuring out how things work and how to make them better. I have a deep thirst to learn, better myself and improve my skills. With that said, I couldn't think of a job I'm better suited for, nor love more... everyday is a creative blast of imagination, color, adventure and wonder.

Personal Note:
Serving in the military gave me the self confidence to believe in myself and that I could achieve anything I set out to accomplish. I learned discipline, organization and attention to detail, all of which I have applied to my life and my business. I'm proud of my time in the military, time in service to our country and honored to be among those who are serving and have served our Great Nation.


Acrylic Paint, Animation, Artist, Code Developer, Color Correction, Copywriting and Editorial, Creative Director, Design, Drawing and Sketching, HTML and CSS Developer, Illustrations, Javascript Developer, jQuery Developer, Leatherwork, MySql Developer, Pen and Ink, Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation, Photography, PHP Developer, Water Color, Web Designer, Web Developer, Wood Working

Develops With:

CMS Development, CMS Module Development, Dreamweaver, Ecommerce, HTML and CSS, Illustrator, InDesign, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, PageCraftCMS, Photoshop, PHP, SEO, XML, Wordpress, and much more.

Michael Habenicht
Mint Hill, NC  28227
Phone: 704-545-5336
Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tags: Artist Color Correction Creative Director Design HTML and CSS Developer Illustrations Javascript Developer jQuery Developer Page Layout Photo Editing PHP Developer Typography Web Designer Web Developer


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